Sunday, November 2, 2008

Working dogs and the power of Yes!!

Originally this was going to be a post about goals in training but I finally read all of my e-mail from the week and found a nugget of pure gold to share that took top priority.

As a trainer I get different catalogs, magazines and e-newsletters from various sources. My top 3 favorites at the moment are The APDT Chronicle of the Dog, Off Lead & Animal Behavior, and an e-newsletter from Leerburg. As a trainer that has worked with police dogs, knowing about Leerburg is practically a requirement. They also have a ton of knowledge and some awesome stuff. Not to mention I have a huge soft spot and great respect for all working dogs. I just love to watch dogs doing what they were bred to do. This is also one reason I love tracking so much, it is using a dogs natural ability to do something they enjoy.

I was reading their newsletter and came across an article that made me giddy with excitement. (literally giddy I tell you, I may have even made happy sounds while reading it) Prepare yourselves, it is long and very in depth: The Power of Training Dogs with Markers

Since this is how I do the majority of my training, coupled with luring, I am very pleased to see such a well written and FREE article sharing the information. My only major disagreement with the article is his recommendation of using electronic collars for extinguishing self rewarding behaviors. E-collars for obedience training are best left to professionals ONLY if at all in my opinion. Timing is just to critical with them.

It looks like this will be my next DVD purchase for the prison program. I shall probably also add this link to the blog permanently as well.

Speaking of working dogs, I stumbled across a website surfing the other night with some fabulously beautiful photos. It is a doberman site but they also have a rottie and a boxer rescue. Don't forget to check out the blog for more great photos as well. (click though the older posts) Link here: VanLayne

On a sad note it seems the Law Dog program is shutting down. I for one am extremely upset to see it go. It was a fabulous program that gave some great positive PR for pitbulls. There is more information on their homepage.

(The stained glass piece is one a friend made for me of my own akita logo design. Yes, I have very cool friends.)

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