Friday, February 27, 2009

Consider this

Simple and concise you gotta love it. I bring you a short educational video I really enjoyed watching today. It is the top 3 important things people should know who live with and train dogs. I hope people find it helpful or at least thought provoking.

It is 6 minutes in duration from YouTube. (Sorry I couldn't get it to embed for some reason.)Originally posted at on the blog. Go check out the site for some fabulous free training advice and a great blog with multiple contributors. At the risk of looking like a complete suck up, another one of the reasons Dr. Ian Dunbar is one of my favorites is his choice in dogs. He and his wife Kelly currently share their lives with a frenchie (Hugo) AND a pitbull (Dune) in the immediate family. Seriously, how can I resist that? They obviously have great taste.
On another note: Tomorrow I am headed to Massachusetts with my sister and her boyfriend to look at the bulldog puppies we found. I am VERY excited! I'm sure I will take many photos and have some to share later. Wish us luck in picking the right match.

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