Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just a walk

Today it is snowing and raining and overall yucky outside. You would never know that yesterday was such a beautiful almost spring day out there. I am so glad I took advantage of it while it was here. After lunch in town Jack and I went for a nice long walk. This is him being all photogenic by the water.

Of course we ended up at The loyal Biscuit. Here he is making sure Lauren doesn't drop any of her sandwich. (I am in lust with that crate cover in the background btw.)

While there we got to meet this adorable little piglet named Wilbur. How perfect is that name?! He was even more snugglicious in person. The ears just kill me! He was a brave little guy and played abit with uncle Jack. (Jack is uncle to ALL puppies.) He had the cutest voice and knew how to use it too.

Meeting this sweet guy after the previous post makes my heart hurt just that much more. Some things are just so amazingly wrong on so many levels.


dee & tula said...

Yeah we luv seeing another cute bear faced akita out there.. and supersized :)

we're ready 4 spring too. No snow.. we want grass!

Keep up the great blog.
kiss kiss,

Amy from Roscoe's blog said...

Wilbur is TOO cute for words!! Simply one of the most adorable pup faces I have seen in a while!!!

Just got on to your blog. Fun stuff!!

Katie said...

That puppy is ridiculously cute!