Sunday, February 22, 2009

What not to do at the vet

The new job is going fabulous. I am so happy to have found something more my speed than the dispatching. The worst day there doesn't come close to the stress of the other job at it's best which also helps. Of course there are some things that could be better which has prompted this specific post. This is stuff that can make you very unpopular at your vets office. Read and heed!

1) Do not bring an extra pet along for treatment to your scheduled visit. "Oh can we do Fluffys nail trim while I am here too?" A specific amount of time is set aside for your pet's visit and adding to that can throw off a vets rest of the day schedule and cause other clients to have to wait. This does not garner points with the receptionists in charge of the schedule.

2) Please do not yell at your pet to SIT, SIT, SIT! when clearly they have never practiced this outside the home before. Adding to your pets stress of being at the vet by commanding them to do something they do not understand helps no one and irritates others watching. Note: They do not have to sit on the scale for it to be accurate, they merely have to physically stay on it for a few seconds.

3) When you see the Dr. at the front desk while you are there picking up food do not assume they have 30 minutes to answer your "By the way Doc..." questions. They may not even have 5 minutes available then. Instead feel free to request a phone call at the doctors convience or schedule an appointment. This can also cut into the doctors already scheduled client time. The doctors may feel uncomfortable saying they can't speak with you now which again garners you no points with the staff dealing with the rest of the waiting and sometimes then angry clients.

4) Do not be late to your appointments. If you are running late call to let us know. This can help us rearrange the schedule as needed. If you are late expect to wait patiently for your new turn in the rotation.

5) Expect to wait. There may have been an emergency we had to fit in and it has thrown our schedule off. We are doing everything possible to keep appointments running on time and dislike keeping people waiting as much as you dislike waiting. Trust me on this.

6) Bring your pet on a leash or in a carrier. Just because your cat is well behaved doesn't mean the dog in the waiting area also is. We have carriers and leashes for you to borrow if needed. We are happy to provide them.
7) A waiting area of a vets office isn't the best place to socialize your new pet. There may be other animals waiting that are sick and contagious, or unfriendly due to stress. Never let your pet approach another without asking the owner if it is ok is a good rule no matter where you are.

8) If you need to reschedule an appointment please do. Do not think just not showing up is ok. The time has been held for you and we can use that for emergencies if we know it is available.

9) Know that it is never a good idea to make the staff angry by mistreating us. Yelling at us doesn't help anything. We are the first line you have to the Doctor after all. We do not make the hospital policies, nor set the prices, merely enforce them and process the payments. Treat us as you want to be treated and everything will be fine.

I also have a small brag that I have been added as a featured blogger at the following site: I am very excited to have been considered worthy along side my fellow trainer and blogger Nancy Freedman-Smith. (She writes Dog's Life blog, be sure to check it out)
P.S. The photo is not waiting area of the vet hospital I work at.


just in luv said...

Great post, Marie! I am glad you are enjoying the new job and that it suits you so well! :]

Dog Training Basics said...

Thanks for this post. I hope everybody reads it. My dogs are always well behaved and calm at the vet, because they are trained at home. I also take them to the vet during their quiet hours, just to weigh them, so it is not just a once a year visit. Thanks for the good work that you do.

Katie said...

And as an addendum to number one, don't bring an extra pet along when you can't control either one of them, and so instead of one large uncontrolled dog towing a human around the waiting room, we have two.

Also: please lock your freaking flexi. Your dog doesn't belong behind the reception desk or wandering down the hallway.

Oh I could go on all day!

pitbullmamaliz said...

My fave is when somebody has their dog off-leash and running around the lobby so I can't take my dog in (she's dog reactive). Fun.

On a side note, I'm new to your blog but have really enjoyed reading it. I posted a link to it on my blog - hope that's okay!!!