Monday, July 27, 2009

A brag and some breed chatter

First I have a pretty nice brag. My akita breeder (yes that sounds decidedly possessive) also raises and shows whippets. Well one of their males won a regional specialty which as I am told is a pretty big deal. May I present BISS Select CH. Liberty's Walk Like a Man J.C. Also known as "Jersey" to his legion of fans. Fan mail may be sent to

All this and humble to.
And here he is in action earning his Junior Courser title.

This is him with some adorable akita puppies. Two of them are longcoats like my Jack. (Like I even need to say they are adorable right?)

Now I have to admit the sighthounds are intriguing me lately. I'm even considering a whippet for myself someday. They are a nice size, are athletic enough for me to walk regularly, and I could do lure coursing as a dog sport. There is nothing I like better than to watch dogs do what they were originally bred for and enjoying it. They also like to cuddle on the couch which I love. And since I already know an awesome breeder of them, (Liberty in case you missed that) I'm sure I could get a great dog.

I happen to love the pup in the top left of this photo. I am a sucker for interesting face markings.

If I were going bigger I would consider a saluki. I think they are quite elegant. (though I do also love rescue greyhounds) Personally I wouldn't mind down sizing though. I am finding smaller dogs are less expensive in many ways. However that said there is something to be said for having the mental security of a big dog in the house. And when I walk Jack I am never afraid of anyone harassing me.
I go through phases of thinking about future dogs I wouldn't mind owning. Truth be told I like FAR to many breeds to ever own them all. My husband has decided that he wants a bullmastiff someday.
I admit I love the look. But downsizing it certainly isn't! And their lifespan isn't nearly as long as I would like. (in general)

Or I could stay with the familiar and go with a smooth chow. I happen to know the most excellent breeder of them after all. (Red Cloud) I should take advantage while I have the chance. This handsome boy is my current favorite at her kennel. And they are smaller than an akita too. Of course a nice pit bull or am staff would also fit the bill for smaller yet imposing security. There are certainly enough pit bulls looking for homes available.

But part of me wonders how I could ever walk away from this cuteness:

They do make my heart go pitter pat. And who better to own another akita than me? I have all the "stuff" after all. (literally) But another part of me wonders if another akita could ever measure up to my boy Jack. I swear he is absolutely perfect. He will be a hard act to follow for sure.

Of course this is all thinking out loud on my part. I hope to not have to make this decision for many years to come. 3 dogs is plenty for me and I'm not looking to replace anyone of them.


What breeds intrigue you??


tula said...

you sound like my mom.. it always comes back to the akita! Jack is such a fuzzy bearh!


Aragon greyhounds said...

Cute pictures but I vote for a greyhound!

Mrs. Lazaro said...

I'm like you: I daydream about breeds that I would LOVE to own (Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Great Danes, pit bulls) but I can say with 99% surety that I am hooked on Dobermans now. :]

Donna said...

AawwwwwAAwwwwww thanks Marie...I can honestly say that I can never see myself without an Akita and a Whippet...Jersey is a very special boy to us as we almost lost him as a puppy...and I'm sure it goes without saying...but if you ever find yourself in need of either an Akita or a whippet just let me know :)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

LOL... you are all over the map today :-). I ponder what breed I would go for once greyhound racing is over and there are no more racing greyhounds. I will probably always have a greyhound regardless, but I probably would not have 6 AKC GHs...... but what would it be?

JulieandCaleb said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog, and I love it! Like you, there are so many breeds I'm interested in, I don't know if I'll get to them all. Currently, I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Caleb, and would one day like to add a German Shepherd, A Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and maybe a Bernese Mountain Dog to the mix. First things first, though, I need a yard. :-) Anyway, I look forward to your next blog!


jan said...

My heart belongs to Poodles, Chihuahuas and mutts, but I do daydream about many other breeds, especially after watching a dog show.

Katie said...

I'm all over the map when it comes to breeds. There will be a Greyhound in my future at some point. I like Dobermans and Standard Poodles a ton, though both are bigger than I really want. I get distracted by Brittanies and Tollers and Vizslas. If I go small breed, it'd be a Mini Poodle, hands down.

At this point, I'm pretty set that my next dog will be another Border Collie, but that won't be for a long long time.

silveredfern said...

there's nothing like seeing those sighthounds run off leash, we let the dogs play at the end of our puppy class and my italian greyhound left the others in the dust :)