Saturday, July 11, 2009

I miss you Mimi La Rue!

I have a confession to make. I sometimes what really stupid stuff on the television. I call it junkfood tv. You know it isn't good for you but you just can't help consuming it. One of the shows I sometimes watch, and am not sure why, is the Tori Spelling reality show. This season I think it is called Home Sweet Hollywood. (It started off as Tori and Dean Inn Love then morphed as they added two human children to the nest and sold the Inn.)
Well I have to admit I fell in love with her pug Mimi La Rue. I'm not sure when my obsession with old pugs started but I am now completely under their spell. There is just something about them I find totally adorable. Patricia McConnell said in her book "The other end of the leash" that humans are attracted to round faces and that it has to do with a maternal instinct. I dunno. If that were true wouldn't I have found pugs cute long before we ended up with one in our family? Or is it that my age has kicked in the grandmother urge in me? (OK I'm only in my 40's but technically that qualifies me.)

Whatever it is I am a sap for them. Check out the fabulous pics of the two old gals here at Owned By Pugs named Sol and Luna. (their boys are pretty adorable to) Now I know being owned by a famous person might not be an ideal life for some dogs (do they really want to be on the red carpet?) but it does seem like she was very well loved by Tori. They even had a memorial service for her after she passed. And I admit watching the episode about her passing with the photo Dean got Tori of her made me cry. (don't tell anyone ok?)

Tori admitted that she bought her from a pet store before she knew what that really meant and Mimi had a bunch of health issues because of it. Tori did learn from her mistake though and is now a very vocal voice for the rescue group Much Love. Her two current dogs are both rescues from there.

I have to say the show isn't nearly as interesting to me without seeing sweet Mimi on it. But really, with that face, can you blame me? I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But in my perfect world all old dogs (of any breed) would have a wonderful retirement home. It is sad to think of so many old dogs that end up in shelters. I think they have earned better than that. Consider sponsoring an old dog in a shelter or rescue today. Do it in memory of a great dog you once knew. They can use our help.

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Lauren said...

I'm a secret Tori and Dean watcher as well! I agree that it's not the same without Mimi...