Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Tracking

This morning I drafted my sister to help get some video of Jenny and I tracking. Difficulties with the good camera unfortunatly means we had to use mine which isn't nearly as nice. We did a really short track with one turn. I have added sits when she finds articles because she tends to work so fast. (A huge change from Jack who is very slow.) I am unsure if I would see them otherwise. Perhaps I will change that to a fetch or a down later. In this video she did miss two articles (or I missed her finding them) and she overshot the corner abit. But she made the turn and got back on track. The video is 3 minutes long with sound tho it is mostly of the wind.

I had run her on another track first so she was less excited at the end of this one. I think I need to play more glove games with her so the end is more clear to her. It isn't great quality but you get the picture. It was great weather for it though with just a little drizzle at the end. Cool and damp is great for holding scent. (the vest I am wearing looks dorky but has great roomy pockets for scent articles as I pick them up) For some really great tracking videos check out http://spiritdancedogs.blogspot.com/ Jenny and I are really just beginners at it.

Then I headed to town to hang out with Minos at the store. He's getting bigger every day.

While there we ran into this cutie, a portugese water dog puppy named Spot. They had a few moments together. (which is one reason we go to the store on tuesdays, socialization)

Then auntie Marie bought him a flossie. For anyone with bulldogs this spiral shape is awesome for their big mouths. It slows them down enough to make it a chewie and not a quick snack. (it also worked great for my Jenny who tends to try inhaling things) They key is supervision so if they get a length all mushy you can simply cut it off before they suck it down their throat and choke.

While there I also picked up more training treats (Zukes!) and a new treat bag made by Olly Dog. I chose the one on the left. (I love pink!) My current bag has a snap shut feature but it squeaks which I don't like. For my own dogs I typically try to use my pockets, but when I am with a client it is much easier most times to snap one of these on. After I left there I went and bought a new raincoat. After a couple of days of the sun (finally!) we are back in another rainy period. If this keeps up I going to begin construction on an ark.


jan said...

Minos...what a perfect name.

Can we have some of your rain?

Logan said...

Marie, I have that same Olly Dog pink treat bag! (We must not wear them at the same time. LOL) And a really nice Olly Dog fold up bowl in the green pattern.