Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The official akita movie trailer has arrived

I still can't get video to embed on this blog so here is a link:

As an akita owner I am HUGELY conflicted about this movie coming out. (I should say again -the original was made in Japan with english subtitles of which I have a copy) It looks like they did a beautiful job on it. I just worry that it will create a demand for them and they simply are not the dog for everyone. Akitas rescues are always full as it is. Check any of them out for yourself. ( The dog in the movie is stunning and I fear there will be morons out there looking to cash in on the movies popularity and begin back yard breeding ventures. (heck some probably already are sad to say) I just hope like hell they have something in the beginning of the movie stating something about the breed not being for everyone. I do TRY to be an optimist.
Another part of the issue is that people think breeds shown in movies will act like those movie dogs. Hmm a loose akita that isn't looking for stuff to chase, eat, dig up or fight with the neighbors dog just isn't always realistic. Oh and if that wasn't bad enough I think I saw something about how some of the puppies in the movie are actually shiba inu's. Another breed not for everyone. Yes they are cute but have a very high prey drive and can be hard to contain. (read keep in a fenced yard) I considered the breed once myself and decided they were way to much for me. They are also described as a big dog in a small body. (in case you were wondering) The live shiba puppy cam was bad enough.
There is also a myth in akita circles about them once being used as babysitters while the moms went into the rice patties to work. This has translated to some people as "Safe to leave alone with infants and toddlers". PLEASE do not do this with ANY dog!!! What it really means is that they are territorial and can be possessive of their space and things, including their family.
I repeat, they are not the dog for everyone. I LOVE the breed but this movie should not be viewed as an ad for this breed to become the must have dog in your home. Do not rush out and find a breeder, do some research first. Akitas can be wonderful dogs with TRAINING, proper SOCIALIZATION, and LOTS of time on the part of their new owner. And then you would need to find a breeder that does health testing of BOTH parents before breeding a litter. (finding a breeder is a whole nother post-search my site for more info on that) Don't say I didn't warn you.
Yes I will be going to see the movie. Perhaps taking some akita rescue posters and handouts to the movie theater about the breed may be in order as well. I suppose I should be happy they didn't portray them in a Cujo type movie instead. Then we would be fighting the against breed banning (or should I say more of it for akitas) and the ignorance of people thinking they were all aggressive horrible dogs. Unfortunately fame has it's price on any breed that is portrayed in movies in our society these days. Let's hope it isn't to high for our beautiful akitas.


Diggy said...

I know exactly what you mean...I have siberians. Also not a breed for everyone but probably easier than akitas at least. But with 8 Below and Snow Dogs and all that they got very popular and the rescues are very full as a result.

Darlin Mikey said...

It is up to responsible breeders to "clamp down" on screening as this movie hits the states. Unfortunately..."irresponsible" breeders far outweigh those who "care". Thanks for posting this my friend!

Logan said...

Thanks for the heads up on the trailer, I've been waiting for this movie to come out. Seeing and touching the Hachiko statue at Shibuya Station in Tokyo was one of the highlights of my trip. We even named our Sony Aibo (robot dog) Hachiko!

Jade Brown said...

Cool blog.
I dig your site outline and I plan on returning again! I just love this trailer.

Jade Brown

Mark said...

I just discovered your blog by following the Hachiko poster link. I am the lead trainer of the adult Akitas used in the film. I understand your reaction to the use of Akitas in this film but am saddened by it. Instead of demanding those obtaining pet dogs and those breeding and selling them take responsibility, society today feels the need to restrict our artistic expression and misdirect the blame. Any dog we might use to tell this story would produce the same result.
The story is about unconditional love and canine loyalty. It's a beautiful story and makes all, except the heartless, wish they had that kind of love in their lives.
Even if we use shelter dogs in the title role, wouldn't that be encouraging everybody to rush out and adopt a dog from the shelter? Are all shelter dogs, many of whom have behavior problems, suitable pets for any and all who rush out of the theater to "rescue" a dog? Of course not.
I fear if those who grieve the use of an Akita in this movie or a beagle in that or a golden retriever in another had their way, the world would be deprived of these wonderful stories. Audiences would be deprived of a chance to live and explore their emotions vicariously, and children would miss out on important lessons in empathy - the very reasons human beings share and tell stories at all.
We wouldn't even be able to tell them in animation form (remember the rush on clown fish after "Finding Nemo"?)
It's time to put the blame squarely where it belongs. Not on us, the storytellers, but on the individuals whose rash and irresponsible behavior create the real problem.

Marie said...

And I don't disagree with you. Just having worked with akita rescue for years and as a trainer myself I get to see the outcome of people chose dog breeds inappropriate to their lifestyle. ALOT. I personally can't wait to see the movie. It looks like they did a great job RE-manufacturing it from the original true story. My other concern is that some people take that one example of a dog and make it the poster behavior for that breed. Yes akitas are fabulous dogs, but if they expect theirs to act like the one in the movie they may get a rude awakening. It's like expecting the whole human races behavior to be the same as one individual. (and that goes both ways, good or bad-the media is killing pitbulls with their overuse of the negative stories about the breed) It just isn't realistic.

YOu are right, it isn't about the storytellers or the story per say. I was just pointing out why I am conflicted and hoping to educate people as I go. Akitas (or insert breed here) aren't for everyone know matter how they are portrayed in films. I am not against the movie, just the possible back lash.

Thanks for reading!