Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time Warp Tuesday

Today I had to drive to Bangor to pick my daughter up from cheer camp. Right next to Bangor is Brewer, which is where I did my training apprenticeship. It was fun driving the old route and seeing all the changes that have happened since then. It also brought back alot of great memories of my time there. Back then my kids were about 4 and 5 years old. Thankfully my husband supported me and did his share of the parental stuff on top of his own job so I could drive there and back the required 3 times a week. (for a full year - I could probably drive it in my sleep if needed) It is about a 2 hour drive one way (without snow) so it was a very long year. I even listened to my old favorite morning radio show on the way. Back then this was the majority of my adult conversation as a mom of two young children. One can only take listening to so much Barney after all. (my kids even had all the stuffed toys from the show)

For the record I graduated with a 98.8 average. Not to shabby if I do say so myself. Certainly better than my grades in high school! In my defense high school was much less interesting to me than training. I even still have all my books and notes from my apprenticeship. (Because heaven forbid I ever give up a book!)

Since I was in the area, which is rare, I decided to make a side trip on the way home and swing by the kennel to see if Lloyd was in. He was and it was great to catch up and touch base with him again. It has been a long time. I learned alot from him and will always be grateful for the fabulous start and foundation he gave me in this career path. I can only hope to have half the success and longevity in this business that he has had over the years.

While there I scored a fantastic deal on these scent articles and dumbells. (23$ for all!!!) I thought some scent games for Jenny might be fun. The dumbells will also help with some retrieving training. (the small one is for her) The articles need a little spiffing up but for that price I just couldn't pass them up. I'll need to get a carry bag for them next.

Oh and here is a photo of my daughter with her cheer group. They did really well and I am a very proud mom.

*Sidenote: Hug your kids today because you never know what tomorrow may bring. Sadly friends of ours lost their 14 year old son this week to diabetes. It was unexpected and a tragic loss of their only child. Never think this stuff can't happen to you, because it always happens to someone. We never know when it may be our turn.

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