Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenny!!

Our sweet Jenny is 4 years old today. Her AKC PAL/ILP request papers went in the mail just this morning. She was named by my son after Forrest Gumps girlfriend. Because of that we went with the registered name of "PRoNE's That's My Girl". I thought adding PRoNE as a prefix would help get some PR for pug rescue. I also printed off the APDT registration request last night and will send that in next. This way we will be covered to do Rally in either venue if we like. (I'll send Jack's APDT request in as well.) Since it is currently only 1 degree outside, (which translates to her as Ouch my feet are cold!) I have a feeling she will be spending most of her day in this position. Lucky girl!

(My husband gifted her (ok me) with a Dyson vacume last night to help combat the presence of dust mites. It is the "for homes with pets" version. I LOVE it!)

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Katie said...

Happy birthday Jenny!