Monday, January 4, 2010

A helpful night time tip

OK I'm sure I am probably one of the last people to try this, and everyone will laugh at how silly this post is because of that fact. But I have to share one of my favorite dog related Christmas gifts this year. It is............drumroll please..........a head lamp. Yup one of those dorky flashlights you wear on your head. As shown on this lovely model here:

My sister uses one and got me my very own as a gift. I have to say I really love it. Since I refuse to put up flood lights at our temporary home this is a far less expensive way to get the same results. I can see my dogs no matter where they are in my yard at night and I have my hands free while doing it. I know, it isn't exactly inventing the wheel but what can I say? When I find a useful product I like to pass the info along. Anything to make life easier with dogs is always nice to have.

This is Missy Moo outside in the light of the lamp with NO flash on the camera. Pretty good huh? I believe mine came from L.L.Bean. (where else?) It can be found in the camping and outdoor section. I hope someone else out there thinks this is as great an idea that I did. Even if I was a little slow in finding it. (My other helpful tip is to keep it near the door so you don't forget to use it.)


Missy Parkerton said...

Head lamps are great! I use them to tend my chickens after dark too!

ellipsisknits said...

We purchased a headlamp when we were doing some work in the crawlspace that would require light and free hands.

Since then we've decided it's the best thing ever. Not only are your hands free, but wherever you look, there's the light! It's like magic. I love it. We use it all the time (yes, this is partially because the upstairs still doesn't have electricity)