Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life with a big hairy dog & dumbell session #2

Jack is overdue for a grooming. He is shedding and I have many dog hair dust bunnies that look big enough to take over should they ever come alive due to a power surge and a glitch in the hollodeck. (Ok I made that first part up, we'll never have a power surge.) Normally I bite the bullet and take him to his groomer who he loves. ( P.S. They have a new website: Yankee clipper pet grooming )But I am still recovering from the holidays and into the "hoarding of the money" phase of winter. Translation, I am being cheap. So I thought I would take him to work and do him there myself. (We have a tub!) But after seeing two clients and doing various errands on my "day off" I only managed to get the pre-bath grooming done. By then I was exhausted and in no shape for all the work a bath would involve.

Seriously, it wasn't us.

He definately looks much better after a brush out. I even managed to trim his foot hair and do his nail trim too. Does anyone else have a dog that eats the nail cuttings?(It was Jenny of course. She will eat anything.) I love this photo I snapped afterwards. Missy looks pretty happy. I'm sure it was because I didn't clip her nails. If the planets stay aligned I plan on taking him to a handling class tonight. (Yes he is neutered and no I don't show, it is just a way to get him out and work him around other dogs.)

Then I decided to continue Jenny's dumbell training. I am doing it in stages with the goal of her picking it up and carrying it to me and releasing on cue. I think I might need a slightly longer dumbell though. While she can physically pick this one up it looks uncomfortable to me when she holds it. Maybe I will dig my other ones out next time.

I managed to stop saying "good girl" to much this time but I did start pointing towards the end of the session which I didn't mean to do. I also think I need to invest in a tri-pod if I am going to keep videoing my progress. (Which I totally am!) I think she did a fabulous job once again.


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