Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's about the nose

Missy has typical old bulldog nose. Something that is common in the short faced breeds. This means her nose grows these bizarre little extensions on it. Some bulldogs get dry or cracked noses. I tried to get a photo to show but this is the best my camera would give me. The extensions gather dog food and other crud in them so not only is it yucky is is probably unhealthy too. It is simply not fitting for a diva at all. To treat this I use a product specificly made for frenchies called "Nose Butter" from I bought this tub of it years ago (literally) and it is still like new, and not even half gone. I've even given some to my sister AND a friend for their dogs! So if you order some, the big tub should last you quite awhile.

Here is some in the tin, and on Missy's nose. This softens the nose and in a day or two I simply rub her nose and all those little extensions/pieces fall right off and looks normal again. It's like magic. Missy loves the taste of the stuff but isn't thrilled with the application process. I think she finds it undignified. Given the opportunity she would gladly eat it directly out of the tin instead. What can I say, the girl knows what she likes!

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