Saturday, January 16, 2010

Seminars and paperwork and photos, oh my!

I am very excited to have signed up for a two day seminar in June with Pamela Dennison at Wag It on "Positive reinforcement training for the obedience and rally ring". I am fortunate to have such a great seminar coming to my own area. No long distance travel and no hotel fees! I'm also excited because it is a "hands on work with my dog" seminar. Something I rarely get to attend.

I have dabbled in obedience showing in the past and I have to admit it isn't my favorite activity. I am not very competitive and never saw the point if it wasn't fun for both me and my dogs. I have however started some training in Rally O and think this might be much more challenging (the course changes every time!) and interesting for us. I also think it is much more realistic in day to day life and training since you get to talk to your dogs during the course. The dogs are expected to be dogs in Rally.

This means I have to get Jenny's PAL/ILP from AKC since she came from rescue with no pedigree if I want to ever compete with her in any AKC events. I already have Jack's paperwork since he came from a breeder. (a fabulous breeder that is) I filled out her paperwork last night. I also need to send in her spay certificate and two good photos of her, side and front view. I tried getting a couple tonight with my daughters help. As you can see it didn't all go quite as planned.

Even though I am not always a fan of things the AKC does, (or doesn't do) I am a member in the local kennel club and know that to compete in obedience, or persue her tracking certification, I need to get this done. I live to far out in the boonies to rely on UKC events. (Oh yeah, another part of competing I hate is the travel. The older I get the more I worry about car accidents and prefer to stay close to home. If I die attending a dog event my kids will never forgive me. Anyone else paranoid like that?)

I am also looking forward to the grand opening of in Saco next month. I know they are going to host some great seminars too. I am thinking about trying weight pulling with Jack. I also keep my eyes on for upcoming seminars too. That have hosted some great ones in the past. (As did My Wonderful Dog which sadly closed it's doors.)

It looks like I'll be trying again for those photos tomorrow. I know, she's so abused!


Mrs. Lazaro said...

That last photo of Jenny is priceless! She looks like she disagrees with your choice of background (though I love it). :]

Susanne, Kidi and Narri said...

I would be happy if you will write more about rally obedience some day. It is still quite unknown thing here in Finland but my friend recommended it to me and I got interested. There is one rally trainer in my area and now I am looking for beginners class to start.

Marie said...

Susanne, I certainly will when I get more involved. I'm only a begginer in it myself. I do have a set of signs but can't remember if they are an AKC or APDT set. Thanks for reading!

Katie said...

Oh man, I went on Pam Dennison's site and now I really really want to go to her Rally camp this summer.

I'm doing an Attention games seminar with Linda Sperco in a couple months and I'm really looking forward to that.

I enjoy rally. We've been doing APDT lately and it's definitely more interesting than AKC. The exercises are more challenging, the courses are longer, there are more goals and titles to work toward.

Marie said...

I think there is more AKC rally around here than APDT. Will have to check into that though. Will I need to register my dogs with APDT to show?

Katie said...

Yep. The form is on their website.

Marie said...

Thanks Katie!!