Sunday, March 28, 2010

Speaking of outings

It turns out that my local Lowe's is VERY dog friendly. I decided to go check out the rumors myself with Jenny today. They definitely have no problem with dogs in the store. They even keep dog treats all around the store for all those that come in. We were invited back. The exact invitation was "Come back anytime. We are super dog friendly. All dogs are welcome. We love dogs here." Well I guess it can't be more clear than that!

She looks so impressed doesn't she?
I want the screen door seen behind her.

Here we are picking up more fencing for signs. I now have enough for a full course set. It took her a few minutes to recover from the big scary moving doors. By the time we left, after some practice with those in the garden area, she had gotten the hang of them. I think she even figured out she could make them open herself. I think she likes having the power. I better be careful, to much power may go to her head. You know how pugs are, today sliding doors, tomorrow the world.


Yrro said...

I so wish I could say the same about ours. Apparently corporate policy is no dogs? They said that people still bring them in occasionally, but that they weren't really supposed to. Awesome that your local chain is overriding it :)

Jen said...

New England seems much more dog friendly than PA!

Although, we've had success with Gander Mountain (hunting/fishing supply) and Home Depot. I'm going to try Lowes with our pup! Thanks!