Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cool new stuff and some updates

Check out the awesome new bed I picked up at the Loyal Biscuit for Jenny.

It is actually a Molly Mutt dog duvet. You buy the cover and stuff it with whatever you have lying around, old clothes ripped blankets, whatever works for you. Then zip it up and Ta Da! A new bed.

I love it.

On another note Jenny's skin is in a holding pattern. We are using some homeopathic remedies to keep the itching at bay. (Topically: colloidal oatmeal rinses, and a lavender and olive oil rub) We are still working on the right blend of her other remedy. I started a blog of her skin photos to make it easier for me to remember what we are doing each day and to keep more accurate track of her progress. My memory isn't always the best so this works well. It is also helpful for her homeopathic vet to be able to see what is happening with her. Anyone interested can check it out here, Jenny's Skin Blog.

I've also started the trainers discussion group on facebook I mentioned before. It is called The Positive K9 Network. It is open for all dog trainers who are interested in learning more about positive training methods, even those who are currently using traditional training methods. I felt there was a gap for people looking to crossover into positive training and I wanted to do something to fill that gap. Yes it is a group to promote positive methods, but it is also a group to help educate trainers without judgement. We all started somewhere and we always have more to learn. The groups motto is "Evolution through Education". It is open to professional trainers and dog owners who compete in dog sports/obedience. If you are an average owner with questions about basic training or behavior this isn't the group for you. (but keep looking because there are groups for that out there) To join simply look us up and put in a request. My goal is for the group to be a resource for all trainers looking to improve their training skills (myself included!) and to help interested traditional trainers cross over out of force training methods. So far we have a great group of people in the team. Fingers crossed for our continued success.


Dylan Briggs said...

Thanks for all the info Marie. I am a professional trainer and I am looking forward to joining your group. Thanks for all the hard work.


Ashley said...

Love that Molly Mutt bed! Pru has the La Vie en Rose one. Jenny looks awfully comfy in her crate :)

Marie said...

Sara, Thanks! We look forward to having you.

Ashley, I like the La Vie one too. I was thinking I might get that one eventually too.