Thursday, April 7, 2011

The new plan revealed

This photo sums up how I've felt lately. Tired and frequently grumpy. I try to avoid blogging when I am cranky to prevent myself from saying anything I might regret later. Hey I'm human, it happens. * This is actually a photo of Jenny waking up after a long car ride to see Dr. Judy Herman at the Animal Wellness Center in Augusta on Tuesday. My original plan had me making an appointment with Dr. Loft in Portland, a canine dermatologist. After some discussion with my regular vet (where I also work) I realized I would be wasting my time there. Mainly because I hadn't tried all the options he would suggest for me. To be frank, I'm just not comfortable with some of those options. They include, but are not limited to, frequent steroid use or long term immune suppressants. I'm not above using them if I have to for her comfort but for my own piece of mind I decided to try something else first. * Dr. Herman is a homeopathic veterinarian. I have been interested in homeopathy and holistic medicine for a while now, and I tend to lean towards alternative medicine and feeding beliefs when possible. This finally gave me a push to try it out in a more direct way. * The consult went well and we have a few options to try on her. I left feeling hopeful. I figure in the worst case scenario, I know I will have tried my best to take care of her in the healthiest way possible. She deserves that after all. So far her skin is in the stage that can sometimes be the beginning of a flare up. The good news is that she hasn't gotten any worse since starting her new treatment. At this point I'll take it. I am prepared for it to get worse before it gets better though. * What I liked best about our consult was that the Dr. admitted skin problems were some of the toughest to solve. She is not above referring out if the need is there. Having a vet admit they can't solve every issue is a great start to our working relationship. This shows their integrity in my opinion. They want to work with you to find the best way to help your pet, even if it isn't their chosen method. It isn't about being right. It is about doing what is best for the pet. I. Love. This. * So fingers crossed and think good thoughts for her. I'm hoping that we find something that helps her stay itch free. I'm also hoping that happens quickly, though I know that might be expecting just a little to much. Whatever happens please send healing thoughts our way. Every little bit helps! (I don't know why my post insists on blocking all together. I tried fixing it 6 times and then gave up. Blogger must be having technical difficulties this evening.Sorry!)


Anonymous said...

I hope she will have some ideas to help your girl. My vet is a homeopathic vet and I love that she's always trying the least invasive, lightest on the meds solution first and can add solutions like acupuncture and chinese medicine. I wish my doctor was like my vet.

Jan said...

I can understand the frustration. Good thoughts from all of us.