Monday, April 25, 2011

Wanna fight?

It is astounding the video games that are out there these days. There are even games on phones now. I only recently got myself one of the "smart" phones. If I hadn't I'm not sure I would have even known what an "application" on a phone was. I of course grew up when a phone only did one thing AND was attached to the wall. (and had a rotary dial) Privacy only happened if you were lucky enough to have a long enough cord. But I digress. There is an "app" out called "Dog Wars". It is a game where you can raise, train and fight a pitbull to earn money. Yeah, pretty awful stuff.

I hope everyone who learns about this will speak up and complain. Only if enough noise is made by enough people, and threats to NOT do business with a company that makes such asinine decisions, will they pull the application. Sadly it's only the threat to their business that will get their attention. I mean if they think this was an acceptable idea to begin with then clearly they are idiots.

Please click the link and voice your complaint. I've sent mine.


Jan said...

I've sent mine too. What I'm afraid of is that it is getting so much free medial coverage that it will attract more who think it would be great fun. As in no such thing as bad publicity.

Yrro said...

Yep, Streisand effect in full force.

Not sure how this is so much worse than all the games where you murder people, though... free expression, even if it is a crappy message.

Of course, it's free expression to express your complaints as well!