Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can you see it now?

Jack got a new collar today. Whadda ya think?

Yeah my husband thinks I am touched to buy him a fancy collar since it isn't exactly easy to see. But hey, he deserves new bling now and then to. Even if we can't see much of it. Here it is:

I got it at my favorite local pet boutique the Loyal Biscuit. It is the martingale "Punk Skulls" by Murphy & Gus. Slightly ironic given Jack's laid back nature. I just liked the "tattoo" look of the design.

I'm resisting going back for the matching leash. But at least that you would be able to see!

They are getting some new designs by another company I love in soon. I'm sure I'll be adding one (or two) of those to the collection as well. I'll keep you posted!


Ashley said...

Every dog deserves a collar wardrobe whether you can see the collar when they wear it or not :D

I really like the "Punk Skulls" design! I may have to add a Murphy & Gus collar to Pru's collection.

jen said...

that is an awesome collar!

we'll be hitting up the loyal biscuit the 2nd week in July. I can't wait!

Marie said...

Jen, You need to let me know when you are in town and hitting the Biscuit. I would LOVE to meet you in the flesh!

jen said...

will do! if we don't make it in july we're planning september