Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A K-9 Corrections update

Both Brody and Rocko have gone on slumber party's to (hopefully) their new permanent homes. They were seen at the Humane Society's Grand Re-Opening event. Yay for them!! They weren't on the program as long as some of the others we have had. Brody wasn't the wild man he was described as and once we implemented the proper plan to address his submissive urination it went away. Rocko had no real issues aside from being a young terrier/pit mix. He was the first pit bull on the program and he definately won some people over to them being just another dog and were nothing to fear after all. Hopefully this trend continues. Here are our new additions to the program. Levi and Liam, two 10 week old pit/boxer mixes:

Liam is the brindle boy. Don't let those photos fool you, he's a handful! I also have 3 brand new handlers so this is going to be interesting. It also turns out that some of the other inmates try to play rougher with the pit mixes than they have with the other puppies. They think that is what you are supposed to do with them. This is making me wonder if some of the overstimulation we see in some of them (in big cities for instance) has been created. Why would people think that is appropriate simply because they are this breed? Food for thought. I might have to come up with rules for all the people at the facility when it comes to their interactions with them if the handlers can't nip it in the bud themselves. We'll see how it goes.

(Photo credit to Ashley Bickford)


2dogcrazy said...

My ex came from a similar background to some of the inmates and he thought (and still thinks) that is how you're supposed to treat pit bulls. They're made to be that tough, they need that rough-handling and training, otherwise they'll "turn" on you. One of many reasons I broke up with him. :-)

jen said...

yay for the first pit bull success!

very interesting about the pit bull = must want to play rougher correlation. I wonder why that is, culture?