Monday, June 20, 2011

Walking the Dog

I have this bad (?) habit of checking out the pet section of any store I go in that might have one. You never know what you might find in them that you can't live without. Our local T.J.Maxx has been good for the occasional dog related treasure. Check out my latest score, a dog walkers belt:

I have been looking for an alternative to a purse or backpack for dog walking in warm weather and this seems to perfect. (Cold weather walking means a jacket and pockets to utilize.) It has a place for my wallet and keys, (and phone and camera) as well as a water bottle and poop bag dispenser. There is also a mesh pocket to carry a full poop bag if necessary. I am all about having my hands free for leash holding and training as needed. The white piping is reflective for walking at night. Because it is a belt all the way around I can clip my favorite bait bag to the front of it as well. (coincidentally also made by Olly Dog) This awesome find was only 12.99!! How cool is that? It do admit it makes me feel a bit like Batwoman at times. (Where's that pesky repelling hook?)

Wearing a belt isn't always the most flattering either but I'll take function over form any day. It's all about priorities.

Sunday was a beautiful day for a walk on our local boardwalk with Jenny. I've been toying with the idea of taking a beginners Agility Class with her. As I snapped this photo I noticed something that might hinder that plan.

Hmmm Not sure those front hocks are built for much jumping. Lord knows I don't need to be doing anything to create more vet bills for her. So that plan is now on hold. As least until I get some feedback on the subject. And yes I know her nails look long. I clip them about every 2 weeks yet haven't been able to get the quicks moved back. I'd love to hear reader tips on the subject of you have any.


So tell me, what is your favorite un-expected canine treasure find?


jen said...

sweet find!

i love finding bulk packs of super cheat dog poo bags at clearance stores (like big lots, ollies, odd lots)

jess said...

:) i'm obsessed with that pack! i'm going to check my tj maxx tomorrow! that picture of jenny is precious! and ivan and dashy both look like ballerinas with their turned out front feet :P