Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet Briggs ~ Looking for his place in the world.

Briggs is a 4 year old male french bulldog looking for a new home or a foster placement. He is described as very agile and a bit to big for his britches. Push overs need not apply! This good looking boy needs a home with someone who can set rules and stick to them. He has lived with another dog but may do best as an only pet UNLESS he is in a dog knowledgeable home. Any trainers out there looking for a project? He needs a foster home OR a permanent home in the right situation. He has been raised with teenagers but may not be trustworthy with young children. He does have a checkered past with one incident with a workman who came into the home. He needs a place where he will be trained using positive and NON-confrontational training methods, but will not be allowed to get away with being bossy. Remember, positive training does not equal permissive!!

If you are interested in this handsome boy please e-mail me directly at or call me at 207-354-6488 for more information and I can put you in contact with his people. (I am easiest to reach in the evenings between 7 and 9pm.) He is currently located in Massachusetts. Please feel free to pass this info on. Thank you!!

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