Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adventures at Planet Dog!!

So my son and I had to go to the big city of Portland today on a couple errands. I realized part way there this could mean a stop at a favorite dog store, Planet Dog. I told my son "Hey I think I want to go to Planet Dog" and he looked at me like I had two heads. (I'm quite sure he was thinking Mom's finally lost it! She wants to travel to a PLANET full of dogs!) "It's a store and it's on the way." There is a store called Planet Dog??? Yup! And it is fabulous!

The first thing I have to do though is apologize to the clerk that waited on me. When asked what kinds of dogs I had I answered a pug and a long-coated akita. She made the remark about how they must be rare, my response was a lackadaisical "not really". When I left the store my son said "Mom, sometimes you should just play along". Um what? To some people long-coated akitas ARE rare. OK good point. I'm not sure if it was a knee jerk reaction to the word "rare", which unscrupulous breeders use to sell pups to those that don't know any better, or my dog store ADD cropping up.

You see this is what happens to me at the check out. The clerk says, Did you find everything ok today? Or whatever they are saying to me, trying to be NICE! and this is what is going on in my brain: "Did Do I really want to buy this or the other shirt? you Should I get that puzzle toy for Jenny? find I wonder if that comes in another color? every Dammit I think I missed that corner of the store! thing I could go back and get that other book... o I think I'm almost out of treats. k Naw I can get that at the Biscuit. today Crap I'm sure I'm forgetting something. ? Oh look at that cute dog in the bed!! Yeah that is about right. They keep talking and my brain keeps spinning. Can we say distracted?? It even happens in my local dog store if anything has been rearranged. I'm talking to Heidi and looking around and my brain gets vapor lock because Hey is that new?! It is ridiculous! But it is how I am wired. I have DSADD (Dog Store Attention Deficit Disorder!) So I apologize to that clerk and all the others I am sure I have acted like a total idiot to. It's not you, it's me. Please forgive those of us so inflicted with DSADD.

I originally wanted to check out the t-shirt with the above logo that I know they sell. (it is also on the bottom of their bag) They did have it in stock but it was $30. I am an admitted cheapskate. I have a hard time spending that much on a t-shirt. Of course now I will obsess about it and probably get it eventually because I love it but I have to think about it awhile first. Yeah I know it doesn't make sense. This is what I picked up instead.
Two t-shirts from the sale table (only $10 each!) and a book on allergies in dogs. Score!! It was a great side trip for sure.

And while I am showing off stuff I've scored here is my latest acquisition from T.J.Maxx. It is a new set of couch steps for Jenny. One of the errands we were doing was to pick out our 2 new leather couches and the ugly plastic set of steps wasn't going to cut it anymore. I nabbed this for only $15! I did add the no-slip grip tape to the top and some no slide on the bottom so it won't slip on the floor. Isn't it cute?

I'm very excited about the new couches. I am hoping this helps cut down on the dust mite dander since we will be getting rid of the two we have now. I'm sure they are dusty considering how old they are. (and both were used when we got them) It certainly can't make anything worse one would think. And now I have the new book so that should help in some way too. There must be a useable tidbit in there somewhere. Fingers crossed!


Ashley said...

Okay, this post was hilarious! I'm pretty sure I also have DSADD and will often stare at a single item for five minutes and not think at all about the item I'm staring at. Instead I'll think about all the other stuff I want to buy and ooo.. is that a new Molly Mutt pattern? and does Prudence like duck? Has she ever tried duck? I think Prudence needs a new collar, but she already has four. How can I validate buying her another collar? Etc. We should start a support group which should not be held in a dog store because no one would be able to pay attention.

Also, those shirts are so cute! I love the Darwinian evolution one. I need more dog related shirts :( My wallet is not going to be happy with you, Marie :D

Marie said...

We'd have to meet in a room where there are no windows either. Cuz if a dog walks by ...... Wait, what was I saying??

jen said...

hahaha - i love the hidden convo at check out time.

I LOVE PLANET DOG! And Fetch, that's in Portland too I think.

We hit them every time on our way up mid coast! Or when i visit friends in Boston, I make the 2+hr drive to Portland just to shop dog. It's a sickness.

Marie said...

Jen, I also love Fetch. It just wasn't on the way so to speak. I should have stopped into the Animal House in Damariscotta too but didn't think of it in time. (You might want to check that out on your way to Thomaston. I've heard good things.)