Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The last day...

Blogger has been a pain in the neck lately and isn't always letting me upload photos. Hence the lack of posts. I hope to remedy that this week. I know I still have to report on my vacation to Montreal and the fabulous dog stores I visited while there. (You didn't know I was gone didja?) This is Jenny on our last full day of vacation (saturday) at the beach with our friend Prudence.
(Here is her website, Blogger isn't letting me link it properly either. Grrrr ~ http://ofcowstailsandchewtoys.com/)

I know, I suck. I didn't get ANY good photos of them together. That's ok. They both had fun smelling everything (and wheedling treats out of their humans) and that was the important part of the outing.


Ruth said...

For blgger: check that your browser is uptodate (and if you're usung a custom browser like AOL's stop!). If updating doesn't solve the problem go to your blogger dashboard and clck on settings, on the first page that comes up scroll down to the bottom, 2nd option from the bottom is select post editor, make sure The option for "updated editor" is the one chosen. Might not solve the problem, but its helped a couple other folks in similer situations. Google plans to stop accomidating old browsers so more andmore people are going to have problems with blogger (not thrilled myself, though I'll admit to not blaming them either).

Marie said...

Thanks for the tips Ruth. I'll check that out.