Friday, July 29, 2011

My dog related adventures in Montreal

Everyone needs some time off now and then to regroup and recharge their batteries. I was lucky enough to get a great vacation for a whole week in Montreal with my husband recently. My dogs were taken fabulous care of, as always, during their stay at Perry Greene Kennel. So it was a dog and kid free week, which is a rarity for me. I even read a whole book WITHOUT dogs in it! A minor miracle in itself. Of course I had to visit some dog stores while I was there. The first was Bark and Fitz. They had moved so it was a bit of an adventure for my cab driver and me to find, but we made it.

It turned out they are disenfranchising from B&F and will be The Doghause soon. It was a great store. 

I bought a leash holder because my leash and collar addiction is getting out of hand.

                 Jane Goodall has a toy line. Who knew??
They were kind enough to humor me and let me take lots of photos. They also told me how Quebec isn't the most animal friendly province. It turns out beagles are considered livestock so are ok to use for animal testing. Yikes! While pitbulls aren't banned in Montreal, there are a few neighborhoods that they are banned along with some mastiff breeds. They were also VERY kind to let me know about two more dog stores down the road. Thank you Claire and Lynn!! I certainly appreciated the hospitality! The next store wasn't worth mentioning. Not only was it smelly, but the THREE clerks all ignored me. Hmmm I guess bigger isn't always better! It was more of a basic pet supply store anyhow. To bad tho because the space had real potential.

Next was this super cute boutique, Bailey Blu.

And this is Blu, the dog (I assume) the store is named for!!

Sorry I didn't get a better photo to share. Such a beauty and super sweet to boot! And he has the softest ears!
These were just some of the cool tags they had displayed. I LOVE the "Hello my name is" one. (middle bottom)

Nom Nom Nom treats!

OK I got a little carried away with the photos I know.

I love this feature so much I want it in my house!

Look, they have Molly Mutt beds!!!
How funny are these leashes! Guess which one I bought??

Two Dogs Raw is made BY them right there! How cool is that? I wish I had thought to get photos of the fabulous clerks and me in front of the stores! Yeesh! Huge thanks to Viki at Bailey Blu. She was also super awesome and accommodating in my "I'll probably blog this" insanity. Oh and Bailey Blu has a website AND facebook page. Go LIKE it!!! So now if you are ever in Montreal you know where to go for fabulous dog stuff. Tell'em Marie sent you!!!

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