Thursday, July 7, 2011

A post in which I share a few great links

First an update for a reader. The photo above is Liam, one of our K-9 Corrections puppies. He and Levi are doing very well and are getting neutered next week. This means they will be available for adoption soon. FMI contact the Humane Society of Knox County at 207-594-2200. Note: I am NOT in charge of the adoption process.

Now here are some interesting or informative links: This is why you should learn to read pet food labels: EPA Document proves euthanised pets may be in pet food. Yes this is pretty awful. Aren't our pets worth a few extra dollars to buy food that is at least free of contaminants? At the very least don't we respect our passed on pets more than using them as dog food? I could see it if we had no choice but we do. It is shades of Soylent Green for sure. (I may be dating myself with this reference.) FMI on this subject check out the book "Food pets die for" by Ann Martin. While I disagree with that authors thoughts on raw diets, the info on how to read pet food labels is excellent. And this is not new info, it has been discussed in the past on other blogs as well.

Then a fabulous article by fellow trainer and friend about how we communicate to our dogs through unintentional cues.

Here is a story about a wildlife attack on 2 people. This is exactly why we need to be careful of all wildlife acting strangely. (and get our pets vaccinated for rabies to keep them safe)

A shout out and congrats to Heidi and Joel on opening their SECOND LOCATION of the Loyal Biscuit in Belfast. (Squeeee!!) And thanks to Prudence for blogging about it for me to be able to share here.

And for something completely different, for fun I give you this:


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