Sunday, July 3, 2011

My busy & fluffy weekend

Puppies are adorable but exhausting. This is why I wonder if I'll ever sign up to have one of my own again. I had an 8 week old Chow Chow here for some socialization for a few days. (a relative of Batu) He was super cute for sure but SUPER active! Can we say busy bee? But he was also Mr. Charisma. He will be a fun pup for someone for sure. They'll just need to keep him engaged so he doesn't get bored and destructive. I got him started on some house training, crate training and leash walking. He did great!

Many more photos of him can be seen on my facebook page for anyone in need of a puppy fix. He went home this morning so I can relax again. It is a little stressful being in charge of other peoples dogs.

This is Jenny breaking in her spot on the new love seat. Hurray for discount furniture stores! I love how perfectly the pet steps fit. I am hoping this helps cut down on the dust mites which should (in theory) help with some of her allergy issues. (That is if I can trust Greer about THAT allergy panel!) She is currently having a flare up but I expected that with all the dust that was stirred up getting the old couches out.


She is loving her Zeal food. I signed up for The Honest Kitchen's newsletter and read their free 20 page nutrition booklet. It had a lot of great info and I highly recommend it if you are considering a diet change. Or even if you just want to learn more about pet food in general. The only part Jenny doesn't like about it is the wait while it hydrates. She thinks is it quite torturous actually. That's me, dog torturer extraordinaire. Yet another thing I wish we could explain to our dogs. Put that on the list along with "why we need to trim their nails" and "why it would be better if they just sit still for that process".


What do you wish you could explain to your dogs?

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