Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Loyal Biscuit Co. expansion revealed

My favorite local dog store has expanded into new digs just down the road on the same street. I took a just a few photos while I was there today. Check them out~

Are you finished ooohing and ahhhing? More renovations are on the way which I will share when they are finished. Nice though huh? (oops I forgot to take a photo of the whole food area)

This is pretty much my spot since I will be using it alot when I drop in to hang out. VBG And check out these new gadgets I picked up there today to.

These are so you can move your dogs id tags to any collar they are wearing easily. Perfect for people who always want their dogs to wear a specific color collar for the day or for those that want to remove jingling tags on occasion.

And this sweet baby is a tick remover that you can have handy on your key chain.

Our area has been hit with a LONG stretch of rain lately. It is really putting a crimp on our summer which is short enough already. For those that don't know the mushrooms that are sprouting because of it can be a problem for some pets. We saw a dog at the clinic recently with mushroom toxcicity from eating one. Convulsions and excessive vomiting were just two of the symptoms. Thankfully the owner was supervising, realized what happened, and got him to us quickly. He is doing fine. Now when I do pooper scooper duties I am also picking those little bastards out of my badly in need of a mow lawn. Like I didn't have enough to do already. Better safe than sorry though with little miss "I love to eat" stuff Jenny around. Yeesh

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Mrs. Lazaro said...

It looks SO fab! I can't wait to stop in and check it all out! (and Apollo's third birthday right around the corner, what better excuse for a shopping spree, right? lol!)