Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And now, a word from our sponsor.

OK I don't really have a sponsor. But if I did, I would want it to be Primal Pet Foods. It is a raw diet that is ground (the bones) and has all the veggies already added. Perfect for non-food prep types like myself that worry about getting the right balance. They also sell grinds ready to add to other ingredients as well as yummy grain free treats. They have many formulas to chose from too. (duck, pheasant, lamb, beef, etc. you get the picture) Check out the free loot they sent me for being their 100th fan on FaceBook. I love free loot!!!

The black thing in the back is a t-shirt. (sorry I couldn't display it better) Yummy treats, some info brochures for my training kit to pass out, some coupons and stickers. One of the stickers is now on the back of my vehicle, and another is on my training box. My local supplier is The Loyal Biscuit Co. I really like the nuggets for small dogs because they are in easy to thaw and serve in 1 oz sizes. Tho recently I found the patties pretty easy to use if you need to split them up. Jenny is currently getting a half a pattie per meal. It is easy to thaw one at a time for her. All of my dogs love the Primal foods. I admit I don't feed it year round since I get free venison in hunting season, (which I have to add stuff to) but it is my raw of choice for buyers unsure about feeding raw because of the prep involved. And they do batch test their food for salmonella for those concerned about that as well.

I finally finished the book "Pet Food Politics" by Marion Nestle. Not only is it in in depth look at the pet food recall, it is a scary look at the food chain in our own country. While some of it is dry reading, there are many gems of info throughout. It will change the way you look at our food resources both for our pets, and for us. Well worth the read in my opinion.

Here is Jenny waiting (not!) for her lunchtime snack. (and yes I realized I have been inadvertently chaining bad behavior from her with the jumping up, ooops!)

I am going on vacation soon so my posts may stop for a short spell. (not saying exactly when for security reasons since I do sometimes take breaks on here for other reasons as well) Do not be alarmed. I will return. The dogs will all be having fun at their favorite kennel Perry Greene. I hate to say this because I am a huge fan of the owners but it is for sale. So anyone looking to buy a boarding kennel and business on the Coast of Maine check it out. Not only is it a well established and thriving business, it is a historical landmark in the Chinook breed. I would consider buying it myself if it didn't entail moving my kids into another school district.

When I get back I have an idea for a series of training posts. I'm not going to give away my idea just yet, but I think it will be fun. Stay tuned!


sammy ehijie said...

love your blog. I really enjoyed myself reading through

Katie said...

Have a great vacation!

Marie said...

Thanks Katie!