Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boatyard dog update

The Boatyard dog demo went well. They were worried that Casey might not do much for them because she was off and on all week during training. But she did ok and got to show off a few skills she learned under their tutelage.
(practicing on the dock before the event)

The other dog we brought was Lovey, a medium sized shepherd mix who only has 3 paws. A birth defect left her with a short leg and a missing paw. She does have a pad on the stump though and having only 3 paws doesn't slow her down in the least. She walks on 3 legs most of the time but will use her forth on grass and other soft surfaces. She came into the shelter as a stray so we don't know her history but she seems to love everyone, hence her name.

Posing during our main street "parade". (we didn't know we would be the only parade participants until that morning)
Casey makes a friend.
I also learned that Casey was found after having given birth in a cemetery while carrying one of her puppies to a nearby home. It totally fits with her temperment. She is very sweet and gentle and loves kids.
It was a beautiful day, sunny but not to hot which was a nice change from the horrendous amount of rain we have been getting this summer. I think it was a great event and lots of people met the dogs. Hopefully it will pan out into a home for them both. Lovey was the perfect collector of many donations for the shelter as well. (Yes a 3 legged dog might get the pity vote but whatever works I say!)

To see this years contestants check out this link: http://knox.villagesoup.com/commbriefs/story.cfm?storyID=170924

I couldn't find an online story about the winner but it was the puggle, Panco Villa who was very cute. (I'll post it when it comes out.) He did a routine that included some surfing. Very talented!

And a look back at Truman, last years winner. http://www.maineboats.com/print/issue-102/boatyard-dog-102 An update on him: He was adopted by a boatyard person (boatbuilder) who saw him in the magazine but was returned after a year for being to active. Fortunatly someone who knew him through the boatyard he was living at came and adopted him. He is doing fabulous in his new home. (I just love spotlighting him because no one expects a HOUND to win training competitions.)

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lin said...

Cute dogs and kids! And so good about being hugged! Hope some lucky people see their sterling qualities.