Friday, August 7, 2009

A Boatyard Dog Demo

Just a few pics of the kids and dogs I worked with the other day to get ready for a demo at this years Boatyard Dog contest. Last year we won the coveted Pup Cup. To read the full story check out the Downeast Dog News here: This year the Youthlinks kids and the Humane Society of Knox County have been invited back to demo a dog, and have some dogs needing adoption in their parade. This means some great PR for the shelter.

Unfortunately due to my new job I only got one training session in with them. Not much considering we had two whole weeks of training last year. Luckily their counselor Caitlin was with us for last years win and has been able to take over the reins. Regardless on how the demo goes, (dogs, kids and a huge crowd, what can go wrong??) the dogs will get lots of great exposure to a large group of spectators which will hopefully translate into interest and possible new homes.

This sweetie is Emma. In person she looks more foxhound than beagle. A walker hound perhaps? (OK I admit I don't know all of my hounds.)

This is Casey. Our top pick for the demo at the moment. Another sweet hound.

The other contenders we had in mind were just to much energy for the kids to handle. Of course Ace was snatched up into a new home before we could claim him to do the demo with. However I do love to show off hounds for training since many people claim they are to stubborn to train. (which made winning with a hound that much sweeter last year)

Think good thoughts for us on Sunday. We can use all the help we can get!

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