Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good bye old friend, hello new

It was bound to happen eventually. My favorite leash has broken. Jenny was in the yard on leash and I hooked it over the gate so I could scoop the yard quickly. I looked over and she was to far away from the gate than I expected so I though the leash had come unhooked. Then I saw the handle still on the gate and a piece trailing miss Jenny. Luckily it happened in our fenced yard and not outside during one of her seizures. In her defense the leash was quite old.
It was a beautiful thin leather and I got it during the beginning of my apprenticeship. (year 2000) Since having it, it has been used on every dog I have ever owned, fostered or had here for board and train. It has served me well. Unfortunately I haven't seen many other leashes as thin or as supple. I have even had other people drool over how perfect it was. Replacing it will be no easy task. I prefer leather and cotton leashes because many nylon ones are just to wide for me to really like. I have small hands which may be why I like smaller leashes.
I kept both ends and may try to make something with the leftover. I can't imagine just throwing it away. Obviously it is to worn to keep using as a leash though. I never did seal it with with a leather conditioner. I wonder if I had if it would have lasted much longer than it did?
My new friend is a lovely red digital camera I got as an anniversary gift from my husband. (15 years!) He knew my old one was dying a slow ugly death. I am still playing with it and learning how it works. I am not exactly a genius when it comes to technology so bear with me. So far so good.

This is Orli, the Loyal Biscuit diva modeling her new collar. She is getting a new baby brother tonight. (a black labrador retriever puppy, stand by for photos in future posts)

An update on the quill dog. The owner canceled his appointment for us to anesthetize the dog to remove the remaining quills in a more humane manner. The told our answering service that "He got the rest of them out". Of course he thought that the first time to. Screw the need to be humane I guess. At least we got some antibiotics into the dog. I faxed his records to his regular vet (out of state) so when he comes to them for a follow up they have all the info. I sincerely hope for the dogs sake he never gets quills again and that perhaps the owner did remove them all. I wouldn't be holding my breath on that score though.


tula said...

it's hard to find a good leash:) have fun with your new toy.. can't wait to see pics.


Katie said...

Awhile ago my trainer remarked on how heavy Luce's leash is, and she's right. It's nice and sturdy and it's something I want to continue to use for public outings, but I'd like something thinner and lighter for training. But I've yet to find what I want. I've found thinner leashes, but none that felt very nice. I need to hit a big dog show with lots of vendors is what I need to do.

Amy Carlson said...

Richard makes the nicest leather leashes and collars. He uses the finest quality bridle leather. They take a little breaking in, but you won't find a nicer leash or collar, I don't think.

Marie said...

Thanks for the "lead" on a leash. VBG I'll check them out.