Friday, March 26, 2010

How to make your own Rally O sign holders

I admit it. I love finding ways to make something that saves me money. This idea came to me after seeing this post:

However I feel I have improved on the original model. First you start with a section of cheap garden border fencing. It looks like this in the store. (This is a 18 inch by 8 foot section folded in on itself.) This is one section from the fencing.

You can go this route and simply clothes pin your sign to the section with it pushed into the ground like this:
Notice I didn't cut the end pieces off yet. (seen on the right side-those should be cut off if you are going to make these type of holders) I wasn't completely happy with that model because it meant I could only use the holders outside on grass and soft ground. I thought about it and came up with this design instead:
I simply turned the section over, cut off the side pieces, bent the pieces that would normally be pushed into the ground, and then bent the now bottom piece under so it would be a stand alone piece. Here is another view:

And from the back:
Now don't throw away those cut off side pieces.
On windy days those can be used as tent stakes (on grass or soft ground) to keep the sign from blowing away. You just need to open them up abit so they fit. Needless to say I am VERY excited to finally have some affordable Rally sign holders. One ten foot section has 6 sections and only cost $4.47 at my local Lowes store. That equals 6 sign holders. Since you need 28 signs to do a full course you can get enough to make 30 holders for under $25 total. Much better than the 50 or 60 bucks I see the official rally sign holders selling for. Plus they are very easy to make. All you need is a pair of wire cutters and pliers. I made this one during my lunch break. (and took most of the pics then too) Quick, easy and cheap. The trifecta of back yard do it yourself. VBG
I downloaded and printed off a full set of beginner signs awhile ago on one of the the many Rally e-mail discussion groups. I keep them in a binder in plastic covers. This means I can keep them organised and find which ones I need easily. I also leave the plastic on to protect the signs from damage from the elements. I do need to go through and see which kind I have (AKC vs APDT) and to also check and see if any have been changed since I downloaded them.
I also printed off a few set course maps. This helps me be able to come up with practice courses aside from my own which may not be proper. (I readily admit that I am pretty much a Rally beginner.)
I have been taking a Rally class locally with Jenny which has been a lot of fun. It has gotten my own training juices flowing. So much so that I sent in Jenny and Jack's application to APDT so I can compete in either venue if I desire. I also finally got Jenny's corrected AKC pal listing paperwork back so she is all official now.
I hope this idea is useful to other Rally O converts out there. Rally On!!


Kidi & Narri said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Though I had to drop out our rally class after only two lessions. We got kennel chough :(

kathi said...

Love your very cool indoor/outdoor version of the garden fence rally sign holders! I've added a link to this post to my blog's rally sign holder post. Rally on :)

Mary said...

Nice sign holders Marie! Looks like AKC signs. Now you and Jenny can get out there and really practice! We can go over course design in class if you want - the good the bad and the ugly.

Love the Pug Curl tail picture too!

Anonymous said...

May i ask where you found the printable course maps? i cant seem to find any.

Marie said...

I think they were in a booklet I got from an intro to rally course I took a few years ago. (back when it first came out) The instructor had put it together so I don't know where they originally came from. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Oh - thanks SOOOO much for the money-saving great ideas! I am just starting out in Rally and I'm going to copy your examples for the sign holders and notebook of signs.

Trish K in North Carolina

Marilyn Wolf, BS, CBCC-KA said...

I just read you post. What a great idea! The pictures are also very good and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Awesome advice on the Rally sign holders you made! Thanks. Also, I like your idea of printing the signs and using the page protectors and a binder to ealily organize them! Great organized and inexpensive ideas!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! Thank you very much for sharing it! We bought the fence pieces at Lowe's last night and made the holders following your instructions. It was so easy. I'm setting up a small rally course in my basement today since the weather outside is windy and cold. Thanks again from Jen, Paul and the pack.

Marie said...

I am glad people are finding this post useful. I just love a good do-it-yourself project!

Mary A Gilbreth PhD, CPDT-KA said...

Thanks for sharing the great idea for these sign holders! I just made and used them for a few of my classes and enjoyed them 100%! I was previously using pylons to hold my signs (I used adhesive back velcro on both the pylon and signs) which worked well but the pylons are heavier to move around during course design. The sections of garden fencing are lightweight and inexpensive, especially great since I already had plenty of it in my garden shed! Thanks for sharing, Mary & the Plumwood Posse

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great idea. I am going out today to buy the garden fence.

joanne said...

What a wonderful idea! We are just going to start Rally with our 4-H Dog Obedience program this year and we were trying to find holders for the signs that were donated to us. (at a reasonable price).

This is great THANK YOU. We will be going out to buy our supplies soon.

4-H Dog Obedience Leader

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I just ordered a set of rally signs and was trying to find inexpensive holders. Your idea is simple, inexpensive and even I can do it!

Thank you!

Mary Ann Campbell, CPDT-KA
Mac's Happy Tails
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Gayle Abrams said...

Great idea, but I think I would adjust one thing on the holders. The top pieces that you have bent over like a triangle, I would first fold parallel to the top wire, then put in a 90 degree bend forward at the point where the hole in the page holder lines up and then another 90 degree bend upwards to hold the sign on the hook. That would eliminate the need for clothespins indoors, and also outdoors unless it was windy and you needed them to keep the signs from flipping up.

Gayle Abrams
Candy Acres Labradors
Belingham MA

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I have purchased my fencing and it is so easy! I live in the desert in Tucson and nothing close by to train so sine I have lots of property I am setting up my own practice field. This is great. Now all I have is to find the courses. I too am new to Rally so my Manchester and I are off to a new adventure Thanks to You.