Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some catching up and news to share

No matter what crappy things are happening, life does go on. On the training front I have started a Rally O class with Jenny. We've only had one session so far but it was fun. It is just nice to be able to take a class for a change. Since I might actually get in the ring again and attend shows I have also started getting her used to a soft sided crate. I found it for a steal at The Christmas Tree Shop. (only $25!!) This is her at my work last saturday relaxing. I also got her PAL # back from AKC. Unfortunatly they left off part of her name so I had to call. (she is currently Prones that's my ... ) They will be sending a new certificate with "girl" added.
In other super exciting news the prison program K-9 Corrections is starting up again on Saturday. I got to help interview the handers this time which was interesting. In the past we have only had 1 dog there but we are doing 2 this time, one in each unit. We use two handlers per dog, one primary that is responsible for the dog and a secondary that is a back up. This allows the primary to be able to take breaks and it allows us to have a handler ready to go should something happen to the primary. The secondary becomes the primary for the next dog in the program as well saving some training time. In a nutshell my job is to train the handlers to train the dogs. The dogs then live at the prison while in the program getting 24 hour care and training for 8 to 12 weeks. (typically) This helps make them more adoptable for the general public and teaches the handlers some skills as well. It is a very win/win situation. I am very excited to get started again. We have graduated 7 dogs from the program previously. My sister is doing up some new logo designs for the program that I hope we can use on some t-shirts for fundraising. I'll keep you posted.

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Jen said...

the K-9 Corrections program sounds amazing! I'm interested to see how it goes... I wonder if they have something similar near me?

I have a love/hate relationship with Xmas Tree Shop... sometimes its just crap and other times you find amazing steals in the dog section (1.99 for 75 poop bags was a blast!)