Sunday, March 7, 2010

The risk of not vaccinating

This is a dog that came through our clinic that tested positive for distemper. The head spasm is what is called a "gum chewing" seizure.

Unfortunatly it took the owners finding us after 2 other vets had seen the dog to figure out what was actually wrong with her. The dog had been adopted from a city pound (in another state) where they only vaccinated for kennel cough before sending them on their way. So for those that think these diseases aren't out there, you are incorrect. There is a difference between not vaccinating and not over vaccinating. This sweet dog is still in treatment with no guarantees. Hopefully it all turns out well for her and her new owners.


Jen said...

Wow.. that is scary.

Is there any reliable sources on using something like nosodes?

I'm still doing traditional vaccinations, just the core at the most spaced out intervals as possible. But someday I fantasize about naturally rearing a puppy... complete with nosodes as an alternative to vaccinations. I just dont' know enough about them yet.

Marie said...

I don't know anything about nosodes either.

I also do traditional vax and space them. I'd probably do them less often but I have my dogs around to many others to feel safe with that. (not to mention what I may be exposed to at work)