Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rally signs part 2

So I decided to twist the top pieces down abit more from my original design. The pieces just being folded over were catching on each other when I stacked them. It was annoying.
I also discovered (purely by accident) that if you forget your clothes pins for the corners you can simply tuck the sign under the folded top pieces and the sign will stay.

But the clothes pins are better.

I now have a box to hold signs, holders and the corner pins. No more forgetting. There is a Rally match coming up in May that I am planning on taking Jenny to. There is an APDT rally show sooner in my area as well but I know I won't be ready in time for that. I also don't know the difference between the APDT and AKC signs. (and honestly I am still learning the signs) I may go watch though. Plus Jenny has never been to a show so I need to get her used to a show site first. So unless something else comes up sooner, the May match may be our first official Rally outing. Is it to soon to be nervous?

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