Thursday, March 4, 2010

Memories live forever

First thank you to all who commented, called and sent cards. You all were so wonderful and I really appreciated your thoughts. I always knew I had great friends and blog readers. You have forever proven that I was right. Thank you.

I hate the adjustment of losing a dog. It's just an odd feeling in the house. Yes we have other dogs, but they just never fill the space in the same way. Much like a child could never fill in for another. Having them around certainly helps tho.

It is hard to say what the other dogs really know about the whole process. I took Missy's crate pad with me when I took her in. She was lying on it when we said goodbye. When I came home I set it on the floor and let Jenny and Jack smell it. I thought it might help them understand. Jenny seemed very interested in how it smelled. I haven't really noticed a change in Jack. Jenny however whined a lot the first day afterwards and for a few days would go sit in Missy's crate and look out at me inquisitively. That was tough.

Her ashes came back this week and I thought I should share abit about her since I couldn't do it before.

Missy was one of those dogs that loved being with her people. Because of that she was super easy to train. I actually felt like taking her in the ring was cheating. (and for the record we only showed twice and DQ'd both times due to my own mistakes, not hers) I can see why people think some dogs live to please. She would do anything for me. But to burst that "dog's wanting to please us" bubble it was because she simply wanted to be WITH me. Dog's live to please themselves, I just happened to be her special reward which worked out well for both of us.

She was also the first dog I trained using NO leash corrections. She taught me that type of training was indeed possible. (not to be confused with no corrections, positive does not equal permissive after all) She came to us as 4 year old adult with no previous training under her belt. She was also my very first flat faced dog and because of that taught me a lot about really reading canine body language. She definitely helped expand my training knowledge in so many ways.

Missy was a people dog. She wasn't all that interested in other dogs or playing with them. In spite of that she was a great help when it came to teaching other dogs or puppies good social skills. She always knew when to say enough and used just the right amount of force to do it. Puppies always learned how to be respectful thanks to aunt Missy. She was also a good splitter and would stop the other dogs from playing to rough when she deemed it necessary. She was a great demo dog for me. I never had to worry about her breaking a stay or not coming when called. She was the first dog I had that I trusted 100% off leash.

The thing Missy will be most remembered for was her sweet disposition. She loved a good ear scritch and snuggle. I will always be grateful for the wonderful things she taught me during our years together. We were lucky to have shared our lives with such a funny, sweet, and smart dog. She may be gone in body but not in spirit. We will love and remember her forever. Godspeed our dear sweet Missy. We miss you.


Jen said...

Wow, I learned a lot from her just reading this post. What a lovely tribute!

She sounds like she was a true gem, one that was truly loved and lived a full life. Every dog should be so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie, Been very busy here and had a few moments to stroll though the internet, wondering the outcome with your girl's situation. I see that she is over the rainbow bridge. So sorry to hear that you lost a good friend. They each leave us something special and I knwo she will live on in those memories and in your heart.