Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A K-9 Corrections Update

Check out the photo of Jenny settling in to her new home. (She is playing the part of the pillow in the photo.) She has a new brother named Chester. I guess they are getting along ok. VBG Russet is also headed to his new home. Hopefully I'll get photos of him to share soon.

Here is new puppy Mason. A collie, husky, heinz 57 mix. He is 9 weeks old and needs to learn he doesn't need to be such resource guarder of his food.

And his sister Maya. They are also both very shy with people. They were born under a house so didn't learn about humans until they were a few weeks old when they went into a foster home.

Everyone loves having puppies on the program!
(Jenny is doing much better today. Her skin is less red and she seems less itchy. Hopefully it continues to improve.)

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