Monday, March 7, 2011

Turns out it can always get worse

Jenny is NOT a happy camper. Yesterday she was very red and she started to have a flare up again. So I gave her a medicated bath and put the benadryl to her. At lunch time today she didn't look to bad. I had given her things to chew to keep her busy and I thought she even looked a bit better. Then I came home tonight to this:

WTH? She was miserable. So back into the tub she went. Luckily I also picked up more cipro for the infection. I grabbed a different antihistamine to try because the benadryl seems to not be as effective as it used to be. I am SO glad I made the appointment with the specialist but I am feeling very frustrated that she has to suffer so much in the meantime. I'm really hoping there is an end in sight to this. I feel so bad for her.

(She is currently curled up beside me sleeping. Maybe this means the chlorpheniramine has kicked in. Fingers crossed.)


jen said...

oh my gosh! poor Jenny.

Allergies are such a pain in the rear, man. I had a finely tuned remedy for our shiba last summer/fall of Temeril-P weaned onto Yucca then just added fish oils. It worked, but I'm sure this summer it won't.

Hope the specialist can help!

Jen said...

Yikes! Do you have any idea what sets off the reaction? I am new to following your blog and was just wondering. Hopefully you and Jenny get some answers and relief soon.

Johanna said...

Ouch. I winced seeing these photos. :[ Poor Jenny. I hope you guys find something that works soon. How frustrating this must be (for both of you)!

joette said...

Poor little thing! Megan gets red and a little bumpy but she's never looked THAT bad. Good luck with the specialist!

jess said...

aw, poor kid!! dashy seems less itchy these days, but now has a puzzling hair loss problem... hmmm... the certainly keep us busy, don't they?! good thing they're so cute!!
hope miss jenny feels better asap!