Saturday, March 19, 2011

A plan B day

So today didn't go exactly as planned. I had hoped to head over to Wag It in Lincolnville to watch some Wag It Games this morning. Unfortunately my daughter had to be somewhere so mom as taxi became a priority.
After my taxi duties I headed over to Bolduc for my session with the K-9 Corrections puppies. Things are progressing well tho the pups are still a little shy in new situations. Of course given their rough start (they were born under a trailer with no heat or human contact) this comes as no surprise.
I had also hoped to get the dogs out for a walk today. That also didn't pan out. To assuage my guilt I did get in a grooming session with Jack and a training session with Jenny. Here are some new treats I found at the Loyal Biscuit that are super cool for our training sessions.

They are teeny tiny and kibble like so they don't dry out like the soft treats can. Soft treats can also have a lot of sugar in them which can be a problem for dogs with allergies. (I'm told.) Since Jenny will work for any treat these work perfectly for us. I did toss a few soft treats in the bait bag among these to add some variety. Soft stinky treats tend to be higher value for most dogs.

Aren't they cute? They also come in other flavors. For our session we worked on targeting her back feet onto a book. This is going to help with the super fabulous trick I have in mind to teach her. It's all about baby steps to a grand finale. It took longer than I expected but by the end I think she understood the exercise. We'll see what she remembers tomorrow. I love shaping work!
Her itching has decreased while she has been on the temeril-P thankfully. Her coat seems dry and dull to me now though. I want to give her a bath but am concerned it will trigger an itchy spell. Maybe I'll get brave and chance it tomorrow after a walk. Hopefully the weather cooperates. Fingers crossed!

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