Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A post in which Jack goes to work

Jack got to join me at the prison the other day to help socialize the puppies. As shy as they can be with people, though they are MUCH improved on that count, they are not shy with other dogs. Mason liked to bark when anyone was having fun without him.
There are some very cute videos of them over on the K-9 Corrections facebook site. Go check out Myah's play bows.
We learned that Myah's play style is all about chase games. By the end of the session you could tell she was quite smitten with Jack.
Mason was a little pushy at first but was quick to figure it out when Jack told him off. Jack is a fabulous "uncle" to puppies. Everyone had a great time. Sometimes I forget this is supposed to be work!


Hannah said...

Jack is such an incredible boy. I love Jack! :] The puppies are pretty cute, too.

Marie said...

Awww thanks. I think he's pretty incredible but I know I am biased. VBG Yeah the puppies are mucho cute!!