Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shades of my paranoia

So yesterday morning I was convinced Jack had cancer. Now everyone who knows me knows that I am normally an optimist by nature. It even annoys my husband at times. It is rare but once in awhile I jump to the worst conclusions. Especially when it comes to the dogs. I'm unsure if I do it as a way to prepare myself for the worst, or as a way to feel better about the vet bill I am about to have. I mean if it isn't something big and bad then you are relieved no matter how much it cost to find out. Of course it could also be that I am just crazy. (I'm gonna blame genetics for that one.)
In my defense I see a lot of bad things at work. And I know a couple people currently dealing with cancer in their dogs. So it happens. More than we like for sure.
So here's what happened to make me think the worst: After I fed the dogs I had to give Jenny her pills. Well I give them in some canned food and it wouldn't be fair if I didn't share with Jack too. When he took his off the spoon he acted like it hurt him. Hmmm that is odd. So I looked at his teeth (mouth closed) and didn't see anything out of sorts. So then I decided to look inside his mouth. Well when I went to open it up he yelped. OK that is definitely not good. Of course it must be because he has some kind of oral cancer. I had convinced myself that I had missed all the early clues. His drooling a little more on that side, and Jenny's licking his face were signs. Because of course she was trying to tell me something and I am an idiot and didn't pay attention. What is wrong with me? I am such a bad owner! (I know, such rational thoughts right?) So I skipped breakfast, because I was freaking out, packed him up and took him in to work with me.
Thankfully after being a fabulous patient it was determined that he just has an abscess along a back tooth. (He even let the Dr. push on it.) So now he's on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. We'll re-check him Monday to make sure they are working and see what the status of it is. He may also need a dental soon.
So it is likely NOT cancer of course. I say likely because he isn't all better yet. I'll only feel 100% about it when he is 100% healed. I am very thankful that it is something pretty simple all in all. I joke now but it was a scary morning for me. Rational or not. Please tell me some of you over react like this sometimes too.
For anyone who does have a dog with cancer, I found this website that looks helpful:


JulieandCaleb said...

Oh my word. Ok, so when Caleb got pancreatitis, before I knew it was pancreatits, I was convinced he had some strange and rare mystery ailment that was going to require a trip to Davis.

Except I live about 2 hours away, which is VERY FAR AWAY when you're paranoid to the point of craziness over your puppy.

It was this paranoia that then made me wonder whether they do life flights for dogs who need to get to Davis because they have strange and rare mystery ailments, and if they would take a credit card...or multiple credit cards.

Contemplating the fees associated with a helicopter ride for a corgi snapped me somewhat back to reality enough to make it to my vet's office where she was able to diagnose the problem and we all lived happily ever after without me having to sell my car to pay for a helicopter bill.

So, to answer your question, YES, There's at least one other person who can ramp up from zero to crazy in .02 seconds when it comes to our dogs.

jen said...

I overreact when it comes to my dogs' health and saftey too. Definitely.

I'm glad Jack's issue was easily diagnosed and treated!!

Marie said...

Julie your story is hysterical. I feel SO much better! LOL

Jacks follow up went fine. The abcess is draining well and there was no need to sedate him to poke around more. (he co-operated for the full exam)

I will plan on doing a full dental this year after I get Jenny's skin sorted out. (Please God.)

Thanks for the laugh!

jess said...

i am the *exact* same way. if dashy doesn't INHALE his food i'm like "omg it's the temaril p his liver is failing he's going to die AAAAAH!" even though we just got his blood work back and it was literally the definition of "TOTALLY NORMAL" :P