Monday, June 22, 2009

Feeling Outnumbered? A review

So I finally got around to watching the video I picked up at the Patricia McConnell seminar. It was designed to be a companion to the book of the same name co-authored by Karen London. (filmed in 2005) I thought it stands just fine by itself. I'm sure for those that read just the book it will be helpful to see the exercises being performed. (I admit that I have not yet read that book.)
I think it had alot of useful and easy to execute exercises. She also broke them down and showed how to teach each one. The first step being to teach each dog individually. The video includes how to teach:
Putting dogs away (getting them comfortable being alone)

A group stay

A group wait

A group off (think leave it)

Teaching Manners

Belle of the ball (how to deal with dogs that don't want you fussing over another dog in the group)

and Teaching enough (or I'm really done petting/interacting with you now.)
I found all of the directions very clear and easy to understand. It is hard for me to watch some videos because of the repeat of info I sometimes get and trying to view it as the average dog owner will. I think this one is a great DVD to reccomend to clients and friends with multiple dogs in the home. I know I picked up a couple of tips to start implementing with my crew.

To order check it out here:

Dogwise is one of my favorite places to find great dog training books and videos.

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manymuddypaws said...

the book is great- I have lend mine out often! sounds like similar info that is in the DVD. I also like the Leash Aggression book in this series- it is very helpful to send home with people.