Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday is for the dogs

Today I took a break from clients and had the day off work so I spent it catching up with my own dogs. This morning started with walks for the girls while it was still cool out.

Because I live on a very busy road with no real sidewalk I usually drive to a few areas to walk instead. I typically like to walk on main streets because there is less of a likelihood that I will run into off leash dogs due to the traffic. In the town next to me there is also a great boardwalk along the water that is next to the main street so I incorporate that as well. The photo spot is at one end of the boardwalk. As you can see it is a very scenic walking area. Small cruise ships actually come into our harbor in the summer.

I also walk all the dogs separately. Mainly because I like the one on one time it gives me with each of them. Also because they all walk at a different pace than each other. Missy is starting to slow down as she ages and I don't dare to go as far as or fast as she used to lately. I also need to keep a close eye on her so that she doesn't overheat. That is the downside to the brachycephalic (short face) breeds. Jenny doesn't seem as prone to it but she is younger and is built differently.
After their walks it was time for their baths. So into the tub they went. Last year I invested in a shower sprayer with a long hose to make bath time easier on me. The most important part of dog baths is rinsing after all. (otherwise you can end up with a very itchy dog) Trying to rinse properly with just a cup and running water takes forever. Believe me, I know. The hose was one of my better ideas I have to admit. Baths, nail trims, and ear cleaning made them both squeaky clean.
Then we went out to the yard where I took a brush to them both to get all the shedding fur out. Or most of it anyhow. I also brushed a bunch of fur out of Jack who is also shedding. The yard currently looks like a small animal exploded. (I save most of it in bags to spin into yarn but the short stuff, tail hair and anything that blows away is left for the birds.) He is due for a bath but I just wasn't up to that today. He is a MUCH bigger project that I usually leave for his groomer. He did get his feet trimmed and nails done however. Being a longcoat gives him extra fur on his feet that I trim so he isn't slipping all over my floors.
After the grooming I grabbed a chair and a book and just hung out in the yard while they relaxed and the kids had a water fight. It was pretty nice here today.
While we were hanging out in the yard I also ran 3 loads of dog laundry though the wash. All their bedding, covers, towels and the like. This helps keep the house from smelling like 3 dogs live here. My son was also kind enough to vacuum all the dust bunnies up while we were out as well before the water war with his sister.
Then once it cooled off after supper Jack got his walk as well. He has alot of coat so I worry about overheating with him too. Only two cars stopped tonight to ask questions about him. I can't blame them, I agree that he is a pretty striking dog. We managed to finish just before the rain started. Now everyone is tired and crashed out while I am relaxing in front of the Tony awards. It has been a very good busy day.

(OK I admit I cheated with this photo, I took it on a previous walk. I didn't want to leave him out. VBG)

If brachycephalic is spelled wrong I blame the spell checker. It highlighted the word yet had no suggestions for me. How does that help????

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