Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesdays with Minos

Or is that Marie? Due to my sisters work schedule I have Minos on Tuesdays. It is great for him to be able to play with my dogs for socialization, especially since I have dogs of various breeds. We also want our dogs to all get along well because we frequently take care of each others dogs and if they get along it makes that task much easier.

Since I also love to hang out at The Loyal Biscuit Co., we always go there for socialization as well. It is a great place to meet other (friendly) dogs that come in with their owners to shop. He is a very bold puppy and thinks everyone should be his friend.
I couldn't resist this photo of him in front of their logo.
This is his position when there isn't anyone to play with.

While there I also picked up two of my dogs favorite treats. The fruitables are a new find that I love and are Jenny's bedtime snack. They smell so good I even tried one myself. (not bad!) The barkwheats are Missy's bedtime treats. I love that they are a Maine company.
I also picked up some new food for Jenny to try. She is my sensitive (read itchy) girl so I am always on the lookout for foods that she can tolerate. I like to rotate my dogs food so they get new stuff regularly. This way I don't have to worry about one food trying to be "everything" for them. I think variety is good as long as you have a dog that can tolerate frequent dietary changes. It is just my theory on feeding. Do whatever works best for your dog. Every dog is an individual remember.
Hopefully the video below attaches properly and works. It is Minos playing with a soda bottle in the yard. I think he is adorable, but of course I am not exactly unbiased in my opinion.


Hannah said...

He is so cute! I'm glad he's on a leash in the Biscuit in these photos; he scared the crap out of Lux the last time I brought her in there! Neither one of us was expecting a bulldog puppy around the corner!

Marie said...

He is off leash in there until I see someone coming in. Then it gets snapped back on. I always ask if their dogs are ok with other dogs and if I see him get to pushy, even if they gave me permission for play, he goes back on leash. Some people are just to nice about saying no and he needs to learn to be appropriate as well.

And Yikes! He must outweigh Lux times 10! LOL

Mrs. Lazaro said...

Yeah, the size difference was amazing; your sister said he is just about the same age as Lux. Rereading my previous comment, I realize it might've come off a little rude... sorry! It wasn't a big deal because there was no harm done. Minos was just very bold and friendly and Luxus is our "delicate little flower," and he surprised both of us. But I was very happy to meet the famous Mr. Minos in person (and so was my sister, who looooves bulldogs)!

Marie said...

No worries Hannah, I didn't take it that way at all. :-)

manymuddypaws said...

my dogs love those fruitables treats- I haven't seen that flavour though- I'll have to check out some of the other stores around!