Friday, June 19, 2009

Small dogs get into trouble too.

Check out the two Dachshunds that came in a couple of weeks ago. They were in their own yard when they found a porcupine.

As you can see it didn't turn out so good for them. And even though they are small dogs it still took HOURS to get all the quills out.

Not to freak anyone out, but years ago when I worked for another vet we lost a dog to quills. He came in and had gotten them all over the front of him. We removed them and sent him home where he passed away that night. The owner wanted to know why so we did a necropsy. We found that one of the quills had worked its way through his chest and into his heart. It was very sad and very scary that something so small can cause so much damage. Now I always take quills very seriously.

Check out this cutie, his name is Toby and he is a 5 month old Alaskan Klee Kai. They are a rare breed that comes in 3 sizes.

He was having a blast checking out out the store and Orli's toybox. (Yes, The Loyal Biscuit is my second home.)
He was also Go! Go! Go! and very hard to get great pics of. (because my camera is to SLOW and needs an upgrade)
Speaking of small dogs we had two calls this week of people that were missing small dogs from their own yards. One was a 4 pound Yorkie and the other a 12 week old Pomeranian. I really hope they found them. Personally I would never let dogs that size outside unattended. Besides loose dogs that are potential problem there are other dangers to them as well like coyotes, fishers, raccoons and eagles. Heck I know some cats that would eat a yorkie given the opportunity. Small dogs are just to easy of a target for a hungry wild animal. Not to mention they are also very easy to steal by unscrupulous people. Supervision will keep them safe.

And here is today's Minos photo. Can we say sleepy time? It looks like his face is melting into the floor. And yes, sometimes he snores.


Katie said...

The last quill dog we had in was a pit who got it bad. Full anesthesia and a very very long time spent plucking hundreds of quills out of his face, his mouth, under his tongue, even back in his tonsils and soft palate. It was ugly and a little bit scary- I can see how those quills could migrate so easily.

jan said...

Ouch, I had no idea what porcupine quills actually looked like. i will keep this visual for a long time.

tula said...

Geesh- a beard of quills. That has got to be painful..poor guys. Hope everything turns out ok for them. We always run into little dogs loose in their front yards- who end up chasing us across the street & wishes people would watch their dogs more carefully. It happens more than you can count:(

That is a true sleeptime boy!

Kisses & wags to ya.