Friday, June 5, 2009

Funny, she doesn't look like the anti-christ

At work the other day I had one of the most frustrating phone calls. Thankfully it is rare to be treated really badly but this woman was clearly not happy. I have dealt with her by phone one other time as well with very similar results. She gets angry and rude and in turn makes me angry by the end of the interaction. The difference between us is that I have to ignore it and be professional but she gets to keep acting like an ass. I warned the Doctor of the conversation in case she made a complaint and found out she has yelled at him in the past as well. So it clearly isn't about me. When I finally saw her face to face she acted very normal. Perhaps she does her best bullying by phone. With two black marks beside her name in my book I will be sure to remember her the next time she calls. Lord help me if she ever calls me for training help. I may be tempted to refuse service based on her rude behavior and lack of patience. I guess I just don't understand why some people will be so awful to someone who is trying to help them?? She's certainly not making many friends at our office.


jan said...

I worked for a while in newspaper advertising and once in a while someone would come in angry and get even angrier no matter how much we tried to help them.

We let them have their way and it always ended up that they paid more and got less by doing it their way.

Barb said...

You see this everywhere - like you said fortunately it is actually pretty rare but it is always the assholes who stick in your brain! :-)

It's amazing that these people don't get what most of us DO understand - that you will always get better service if you don't piss off the person that you want help from. Usually at a better price, too.