Friday, February 22, 2008

Cloning and it's idiocy

I wasn't planning on another post quite so soon but I read something over at itchmo that annoyed me greatly and thinking about it made my head want to explode. It seems that for a mere $150,000 you can get your pet cloned by a company. Put your order in now.

The flaws as I see them?

First, you are only getting a genetic duplicate of your previous pet. NOT the same behaviors or temperment.

Second, there are pets DYING in shelters EVERY FREAKING DAY and you want to spend ridculous gobs of money to bring another into the world because you can't let go of the past?

Third, imagine what that amount of money could do for your local shelter or rescue ON TOP of that fact that you could adopt a pet, and perhaps be saving that life, at the same time.

It is ridculous on so many levels that I find it obscene. Yet another example of our "I want it now." society being idioticly shortsighted. Selfish on a grand scale in my opinion.
Here's a better idea for your excess money, (because if you can afford the cost of cloning in my book, it's excess) how about you support a cause like My Wonderful Dog or other similar programs. Or share the wealth and improve our planet in some way. Build a shelter and name it after your past pet, a much more honorable memorial to their memory. Don't waste it reach it for a goal that is unattainable.
***The dog in the top photo are my first two akitas, Shimo and Kuma. I love and miss them dearly but would never clone them because I would still not have the essence of THEM back.***

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Katie said...

I have to admit, part of me would love to clone Luce and have her from puppyhood. I see so much potential in her to be an amazing working dog, and I wonder, if raised differently, what she could have been.