Sunday, February 10, 2008

Spreading the news

Head on over to the Bad Rap blog to see some great news about the Vick dogs. Check out the video if you can too.

For news on the new strain of parvo making the rounds check out the article at the Pet Connection blog. As always they are on top of the story.

Lassie, Get Help has an excellent look at PETA and what they thought should happen to the Vick dogs.

Also over at Frogdog Blog check out the interesting article on the Snow Buddies movie that might change your mind about those cutsie dog movies. Below that is a great article on thirteen dog lies that really hits the mark. (and the cute frenchie puppy movie is also a must see to satisfy those puppy urges)

This beautiful boy is Worf. Sadly not all pitbulls get saved. I will share his story another day.

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