Saturday, February 16, 2008

A visitor and some video

Yesterday my sister came over with her dog Zeus. He is a rescued bulldog. A sweet boy with a few interesting idiosyncracies. Thankfully his owner is patient about dealing with them. He is also a bit of a walking vet bill with some reoccuring skin issues. No surprise considering his most likely being of the back yard bred variety. Isn't he cute? Usually his tongue doesn't fit all the way into his mouth poor guy.

This does not adequatly capture the chaos that 4 dogs together in a small space can produce.
Did someone say treat? (Once upon a time this would have been cause for Jenny to start a fight. Progress!)
Here are some last videos of Grizz playing with Jack at the prison. He has a potential adopter coming to see him Monday. If it isn't a good match then he will begin staying back at the shelter so we can begin a new dog on the program. (and make him more visible to the public) Wish him luck!

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FrogDogz said...

Marie, out of curiosity, do you know what your Frenchie girl's registered name is? She looks very familiar.

Also, I had no idea you were in New England. If you have time, you should think of joining French Bulldog Village - they always need volunteers, and volunteers with training experience are extra super.

It was started by another New England pug/French Bulldog owning dog trainer, Charlotte Creeley.

You can email me directly --